Navigating Sustainability: The Circular Economy Self-Assessment Tool

The Circular Economy Self-Assessment Tool provided by Fashion for Change serves as a compass for businesses and individuals navigating the complex landscape of sustainability in the fashion industry. It empowers users to evaluate their current practices, identify areas for improvement, and set actionable goals towards a more circular and eco-friendly future.

Want to support the uptake of circularity in fashion? Start with a design hackathon

Fashion for Change was brought to life to encourage and guide fashion designers and SMEs to build a scalable, but sustainable business model around their services and products. For this purpose, a special designathon methodology was created for collecting ideas relevant to the industry, gathering people motivated to bring change, and giving guidance in taking necessary action.

We are now ready to share some guidelines so that you could run a similar event at your preferred location.

Accelerator Flashback – Reflections, Figures And Results

With the Demo Day on March 14th, the first phase of the Fashion for Change Growth Program came to an end. For the 24 startup teams and their partners, participating in the Fashion For Change Accelerator Programme has been a journey full of meetings, mentoring sessions, pitching exercises, hard work and lots of fun

Twenty-Four Innovations to Rock The Fashion Industry

Fashion For Change Demo Day 2023

On March 14, 2023, the Fashion for Change Accelerator culminated in the Final Demo Day, where 24 startups pitched their sustainable fashion projects to 130+ participants from all across Europe, 30% of them investors.

A Weekend at the Neonyt Fashion Show

Fashion For Change Study Trip and Workshop

On the last weekend of January 2023, the 24 international teams of the Fashion For Change Growth Programme were invited to a study trip to the Neonyt Sustainable Fashion fair in Düsseldorf. Inspired by personal encounters with exhibitors and presentation about circular business models, the participants dived into discussions moderated by mentors from the project team.

7 Pitching Tips for Startups

Knowing how to build a pitch deck and pitch a startup is essential to the company’s success. As the Demo Day of the Fashion For Change Project is approaching when 24 startup teams will be pitching on the stage for the investors and industry experts, let us introduce 7 pitching tips that will help your company to nail your pitch.

“Fashion Sprint” hackathon and winners

After two days of mentoring, pitching and bonding, 25 sustainable fashion projects were selected for the Fashion For Change Growth Programme. Meet the winners and feel the good vibes in this video.