Fashion For Change

Self-assessment Tool

Fashion for Change Self-assessment Tool is an online diagnostic resource for SMEs, designers and start-ups to assess their levels of circularity and transparency, technical and business maturity. The results of this tool help a brand to identify its product’s or service’s potential and track possible shortcomings that could be improved in order to move forward towards becoming fully sustainable.

Are you applying to take part of the Fashion for Change programme? This self-assessment tool is developed in order to support your growth throughout the programme and to follow the progress towards sustainability and circularity. In addition this tool enables the jury to evaluate the participants transparently and compare the results of different development stages from the viewpoint of sustainability.

Not applying for the programme but interested in turning your business models more sustainable? Feel free to use this open-source tool available as a part of our Knowledge Hub of Fashion to measure the impact of a product or service in the context of sustainability and circularity.

How does it work? Sign up, choose the questionnaire depending whether you offer a product or a service and fill in all the answers. Make sure to ´save´ and ´print’ your final result report as a PDF document as this will give you a graphical record that shows the current strengths and weaknesses. It also identifies potential opportunities for improvement of your product/service and business model according to the circular economy principles. Don’t worry if you don’t finish in one go – you can resume for later improvements or updates. Make sure you reply all the questions in order to receive your Final Result Report.