Out now: Report on how to best support “Sustainable Fashion Designers, Start-Ups and SMEs in the Circular Economy”

Whether you are a creative fashion designer, innovative start-up or sustainable entrepreneur, you know that free access to the right piece of information, supplier and partner can make all the difference to advance your business. That’s why Fashion For Change investigated a little deeper into this important matter.

The report “Supporting Sustainable Fashion Designers, Start-Ups and SMEs in the Circular Economy” not only identifies the challenges, needs and existing solutions. It also gets to conclusions about the way how crucial information should be made available to be of effective use by connecting local communities via online networks and personal interaction, just to highlight one of the findings.

Learn out all the details by downloading the full report from our Knowledge Base.


In this episode of Sustainability Explored podcast, Fashion For Change partners discuss the importance of innovation and partnerships in transitioning towards sustainable business practices. You will get some insights on challenges, limitations and opportunities in the current sustainability context and learn more about Fashion For Change project and its mission to help fashion practitioners as well as the industry to become more circular.