Fashion For Change

Project Info

Due to the pressure for change arising from trade liberalisation, increasing competition, technological advances and a shift in consumption patterns; fashion industry companies continuously need to turn their business models towards more environmentally and socially conscious circular models.

While there is societal and  political recognition that the fashion industry needs to become more sustainable, fashion SMEs face considerable challenges in taking action: competition from high/volume low price corporations; lack of funding to enable business  development; insufficient infrastructure for reuse and recycling;  technical, design and material related challenges.

What do we do?

Fashion For Change is a 3-year project co-financed by COSME, the European Union programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Together with COSME Fashion For Change is enhancing the competitiveness and improving the environmental performance of  European fashion SMEs, designers and start-ups.

We are building a Knowledge Hub – a hub of sustainable fashion SMEs, designers and start-ups to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, experience and best practices.

Acceleration programme is providing technical and financial support for SMEs, designers and start-ups to become more sustainable and turn towards  circular business models

How to get involved?

From January 2021 to December 2023, a combination of international events, mentorship programmes, networking activities and learning materials are delivered to empower stakeholders in the EU fashion industry. All interested parties are invited to an idea hackathon, awarding the best (and most sustainable) ideas with financial aid and a support programme for bringing it to life.

Programme events are brought to life by an experienced team: Civitta Estonia,, Estonian Academy of Arts, Katalista Ventures and Singleton.

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Benefit from resources we create

In the scope of Fashion For Change a range of valuable resources for fashion industry stakeholders will be created:

You can find reports, analysis and methodologies created during the project HERE.


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