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A Virtual Library & Accelerator for sustainable fashion entrepreneurs

Individual mentoring sessions continue on the last day of the Growth Programme Kick-Off Week, - the start of a 5-month journey! Running along the 17th #TallinnDesignFestival, this full-week hybrid event gave our 25 startup teams the opportunity to meet each other and their mentors, participate in workshops and exhibitions about sustainable fashion design and marketing, and visit the design studios of Stella Soomlais and Reet Aus. Stay tuned, success in progress!

Sep 15 2022

β€œBuy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last” (Vivienne Westwood). Follow Fashion For Change to get #fastfashion out of #fashion! πŸ‘πŸ‘—πŸŒπŸ’– #NoGreenWashing #sustainablefashion... Read More

Individual #mentoring continues on the last day of the Growth Programme Kick-Off-Week, - the start of a 5-month exciting journey for our 25 #sustainablefashion #startup teams, with workshops, field trips, training, coaching and funding. #SMEs #CircularEconomy #SmallBusiness Read More

Sep 23 2022, 10:22 am

Dressed For Success

Until April 19, sustainable designers, startups and companies are invited to join the Open Call for the Fashion For Change Accelerator Programme.