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“Fashion Sprint” hackathon and winners

The “Fashion Sprint” hackathon event in June has singled out some of the most promising ideas and ventures for a sustainable fashion industry in Europe. Congratulations to the 25 finalists of the Fashion For Change Accelerator Programme!


After two days of mentoring, pitching and bonding between sustainable fashion startups, designers, SMEs and industry experts at the “Fashion Sprint” hackathon in Vilnius, a jury of 21 members selected 25 transnational ventures to be part of the Fashion For Change Growth Programme.

The hybrid event was attended by 30 transnational teams – five of them presenting their projects on-site – with 224 people following remotely. In 114 mentoring sessions, the teams were advised by experts from the UK, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia and Spain personally about how to optimise their business ventures, marketing and pitching techniques.

Emotions were running high when the 25 winning teams received their official “GO!” to participate in the 8-month growth programme.  Congratulations to all!

With an average satisfaction score of 4,5 on a scale of 5, a  “special award” went to the Fashion For Change consortium who had organized the event. Way to go sustainable change makers!

You can review the full “Fashion Sprint” event with the pitches of the winning teams HERE.

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