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Fashion for Change launches new visual identity by Stuudio Stuudio

Fashion for Change (FfC), a development programme that aims to contribute to the competitiveness, sustainability, and resilience of the EU fashion sector, has launched a new visual identity by Tallinn-based graphic designers’ collective Stuudio Stuudio. Co-funded by the European Innovation Council and SME Executive Agency, the programme provides direct financial support for SMEs, designers, and start-ups to turn their business model into a (more) circular one.

“By making informed decisions, designers can reduce their environmental impact,“ said Agnes Ratas and Kaarel Nõmmik, whose team at Stuudio Stuudio was tasked with approaching all aspects of the brand identity with sustainability in mind. “It was therefore important for us to create a set of general design principles for FfC that would, ultimately, help reduce digital consumption.”

The most recognizable element of the new FfC brand is the letter mark “C”, denoting, “change”, but also, “circularity”. “Following FfC commitment to integrating design-led sustainability into fashion, we wanted the brand identity to reflect this transition towards a more circular fashion economy”, said the collective of the chosen letter mark.

FfC logo

The logo in the form of a complete wordmark “Fashion for Change” is used for the website, whereas the sub mark “C”, taken from the original FfC logo, is reserved for the programme’s social media accounts.

FfC social accounts

Stuudio Stuudio has paired the “C” that forms the basis for the design concept with Google Fonts typeface Inter, designed specifically for on-screen use. “Text is the single most important part of any digital interface, which is why we decided on a typeface that aids readability, especially on screen,” said Stuudio Stuudio´s graphic designer Agnes Ratas.

FfC brand identity uses Google Fonts typeface Inter by Rasmus Andresson

From swatches of rich and vibrant green and lilac in the body text and boldface to lighter shades of the same colours as background, the two-colour combination of the letter “C” will be used throughout FfC communications.

For the brand graphics, a series of photographs of the young fashion designer Cärol Ott´s collection CXO MÖLÜ have been used.

Fashion designer Cärol Ott´s collection CXO MÖLÜ the details of which have been used throughout FfC communications

Depicting textures of custom-made fabric, mostly from textile manufacturers’ end-of-line fabrics, leftovers or, discontinued fabric ranges, cut-outs of the collection are used both for colour-block graphics as well as framing other content, such as FfC participants’ circularity models and practices, selected for 1-on-1 mentoring in the framework of the FfC development programme.

Stuudio Stuudio’s branding for FfC includes logo design, customized colour palettes, a typeface, regular and duo-tone photo sets, infographics as well as a variety of Google Workspace slide and document templates.

FfC templates
Designed in response to the emerging environmental awareness in the fashion industry, the new visual identity will be used across FfC communications, including website and social channels as of August 2021 to deliver FfC sustainability commitment.
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